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Behind the Seams
A passion and urge to contribute to the world in an ethical and sustainable way was what drove Cheyenne Mistretta to delve into slow fashion.
 Cheyenne stumbled across the concept of slow fashion and fell in love with the idea of using sustainably sourced fabrics and eco-conscious business practices in order to raise awareness of fast fashion's negative impacts.
Flower Pot Handmade was born of Cheyenne's new found inspiration and colorful background of artistic and innovative skills.
Cheyenne taught herself how to sew in the fall of 2016 with no prior knowledge or training. She tirelessly researched and experimented with sewing machines, pattern making, tie dyeing, various types of fabrics and sewing techniques in order to perfect the products she now offers to her incredible clients.
Cheyenne has a wide background of artistic experience. From sculpting, drawing and painting to photography and creating stop-motion clay animated films, creating is truly Cheyenne's passion. 
Designing wearable art is just an extension of her artistry.
Cheyenne crafts each piece by hand with love and intention. Carefully choosing which techniques and materials work best for creating the best and longest lasting product possible. Using the finest natural fiber fabrics, all sourced ethically, Cheyenne builds beautiful high quality garments that have less of an environmental impact and makes the wearer feel like the authentic piece of art that they are. 
Cheyenne's signature tie dyeing technique has gained a lot of attention in the handmade slow fashion community as well. Spending hours per day in her dye lab, she makes color magic with her low impact eco-friendly dyes. Swirling kaleidoscopic color patterns and mesmerizing rainbow effects captivate each wearer of every one of a kind dyed garment she creates.
Cheyenne has been selling handmade wearable art online for the past 3 years and only continues to grow and expand.