Color & Dye Info

Welcome to the Flower Pot Handmade Informational Colors Page!

Below is a description of what colors show through in each option on our color chart! We wanted to give some verbal descriptions so you have a better idea of what each color is made up of. We have also included visual color charts, so you can see how each color varies so differently on fabrics and garments.
Please keep in mind that all of our pieces are small batch dyed and one of a kind! The dyeing process is complicated, and we cannot guarantee that the colors will show up exactly how you envision. We can’t fully control what colors will show through, but that is the magic of the one of a kind, handmade process!
Each type of fabric takes in dye differently, which is shown below on the charts for each color. Small items, like tops and bras, have a tendency to mottle (the light/dark marbled pattern) less than larger garments.
We hope this helps you get a better understanding of the Flower Pot Handmade colors and dyeing process!

Color Descriptions & Examples

THC: Bright olives and yellow greens with waves of deep purples and plums.

 Earth: Perfect earthy brown. Medium shade of chocolate/rusty brown.

Wild Earth: Golden and earthy browns with mossy greens and some gentle blue greys showing through.

Diesel: Dark, steely grey as well as lighter gray hues.

Solid Black: This black is solid, so there will be no mottling of light and dark.

Rust: Burnt orange with rusty and earthy reddish browns.

Rainbow Sprinkles: Bright pinks, purples and lavenders with undertones of ice blue, bright yellow, and soft oranges coming through.

Abalone: Eggplant purple and lime green swirled with dark blue grey.

Forest: Dark, forest green with mossy greens and some earthy brown tones.

Desert: Bright golden yellow.

Pink Desert: A blend of mauve, dusty purples, and peachy pinks with flecks of grey.

Purple Haze: Bright purples of varying shades.

Riverbed: Earthy dark to light blues with deep reddish clay colors.

Tahoe: Light golden brown and dark greys.