Colors and Dye

Welcome to the Colors and Dye Page!
Due to our unique dying process, our colors can all vary a bit in the way they mottle and blend together. This can be hard to capture on camera and everyone's screens/monitors can alter the exact colors they are seeing. This makes it near impossible to guarantee that the color you're buying is the EXACT color you will receive on your garment. We hope by giving verbal descriptions of each hue can help with any confusion surrounding our color options.
Above + Below Colors
Soft sandstone brown and stormy blue meet in this light shade.
Lilac Skies
Pastel lilac and baby blues dance together in this light shade. Very subtle hues of dusty rose make an appearance as well.
Earthy desert rock orange with speckles of sage green which can sometimes appear light grey/brown. Light-medium shade.
Spring green dominant with flecks of periwinkle, soft pink, lavender and tangerine. Medium shade. (Due to the many different colors used to create this hue, the results can vary quite a bit!)
Enchanted Forest
 Swirling blend of turquoise blue and earthy green lay beneath a bed of chocolate and rust browns. Medium-dark shade.
Mother Earth
Jungle and mossy greens meet splashes of amber gold with khaki browns mixed in. Medium-dark shade.
Standard MTO Color Options
Warm and soothing burnt orange. Medium shade.
Sandy-Gold yellow. Light-medium shade.
Wild Earth
Mossy greens, rust brown and deep blue-grey all swirl together to create this hue. Wild Earth usually turns out more green dominant with pops of the brown and grey. Medium shade.
Inspired by the Tahoe mountains, this earthy shade is a blend of golden brown and dirty slate grey. Light-medium shade.
Bright spring green. This unique hue is green dominant with pops of turquoise, poppy orange and dark greens. 
Charcoal grey. Medium-dark shade.
Dusty sage green. Light-medium shade.
Deep forest and olive greens with earthy browns peaking through. Medium-dark shade.
Seafoam green swirls with blue-grey beneath a blanket of plum purple. This color usually turns out more purple dominant. Medium-dark shade.
Vera Cruz
Like Vera Cruz amethyst, this color is a combination of lavender purples and peony pinks creating a light-medium shade of sparkly purple hues.
Smokey Lavender
Smokey grey and lavender hues create this light-medium shade of dusty purple.